The difference between those who achieve significant results and those who feel blocked. Further develop the skills and abilities of an employee. Detect professional boundaries or get the urge to become an even better professional for the company.

Training 130 Executive Search

130 Executive Search offers continuing and advanced education that responds to the foregoing considerations and materialises these through exclusive training programmes, master classes and workshops.

Our training combines active listening and the effectiveness of our method with various professionals who excel in their fields of activity. We guarantee a completely personalised product that is created ad hoc for each client’s needs.

Investment in human capital with specific and tangible results, which also affect the personal and professional development of those receiving the training. This also has a direct effect on the results of the actual company’s productivity.

We assume that training that is isolated and not aligned with the organisation’s strategy and policies is ineffective.


  • Assessment of training needs.
  • Preparation of training plan.
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of ad hoc training programmes.
  • Evaluation, monitoring and improvement of the participants.
  • Development of capacity and managerial effectiveness.